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Saints Just Like Us

Saints Just Like Us

In a particular way during the month of November, we honor the men and women who have reached Heaven before us. While devotion to the saints is not a requirement, it is a benefit to each one of us as we strive to live lives of holiness and joy.

See this article on November 3, 2014...

What is your opinion?
Will you or your kids dress up this year for Halloween?
Definitely, nothing like coming up with creative costumes!
Yes, but in costumes recognizing the saints, in anticipation of All Saints Day
No, I don’t have plans yet for Halloween
No, I prefer not to celebrate this holiday

Last Week's Poll   
When you were a kid, would you say most of your friendships...?
Led you closer to Christ
Led you into sinful behavior
Did not help you become holier, but still provided a lot of good memories
I was more of a loner

Total Votes: 1527