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The Benefits of Offering It Up

The Benefits of Offering It Up

We all have days that seem to be ruined by disappointments or negative circumstances. As Christians, we have the opportunity to “offer it up”, rather than allow these sufferings to have power over us. As you encounter these obstacles, which way will you choose?

See this article on August 4, 2014...

What is your opinion?
Were you previously aware of the answers to any of the five questions asked in the article regarding sex trafficking??
Yes, I knew all five, give me more!
Well, I knew more than one answer at least!
No, I wasn’t aware! It was shocking, but I want to learn more.
Nope, none, and I do not want to know any more on this subject.

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How familiar are you with Saint Pope John XXIII?
I remember when he was Pope!
I'm familiar with his life and pray for his intercession
I know he opened the Second Vatican Council, but that is it
I didn't know anything about him until reading this article

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